Next Litter maybe on the end on 2017

Puppy from NoneTaboo

Our puppies will be available to approved home.
They will leave CKC registration,tattoo, deworming, vaccine, health garanty for 2 years, sell contract and starter kit.
All of our puppies will sell like a pet (no-breeding) or co-ownership for show home.
Our puppies grow up on stable, balance and full stimulus environement
for mor information feel free to contact us

Puppy request form

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Please list names and ages of all people who will be living with the dog.

Occupation of household members?

Do you have a children, if yes how many and age of them, if not do you plan a baby in a short or long time?

Do all member of the house hold agree to the purchase of this puppy?

Do you live in a House or appartement?
Do you rent or own?

Do you have a fenced in yard?
If yes, what kind of fence, if no, what are your plans regarding a fence if you get a puppy?

Where will the dog be kept? indoor or outdoor

Where you will keep your puppy for sleep time?

Where will the puppy spend the day?

Where you will keep your puppy for play time, training and expend his energy?

Are you willing to obtain a crate and crate-train your dog? If not why?

How many hours per day you have for your dog?

How many hours per day will the dog be left alone?

Have you owned a Bull Terrier breed before? If yes, how many years you owned him and the death or departure reason of him?

Do you have an other dog at home?
If yes, breed and age?
Spayed or not?
If not spayed, why?

Do you have any other animals at home (like cat or other) describe ?

Did you contact other Bull Terrier breeder?

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How many time are you willing to be on a waiting list for a puppy from us?

What are your expectations of a breeder?

What type of personality and characteristics are you looking for in your puppy?

Have you done any research on Bull Terriers prior to deciding they are the dog for you? (If so, please describe where you gathered information.)

For which reason you think the Bull Terrier has a right breed for you?

How well do you know the temperament, behavior and needs of the Bull Terrier? If yes describe please

What genetic health problems are you aware of in the Bull Terrier breed?

What would you consider unacceptable canine behavior(s) that would cause you to give your dog up?

What is your definition of disciplining a dog? Please explain in detail.

Describe your house-training method?

In the past, how much dog do you own yourself? Please describe, breed, age and time you owned them.

Have you ever given up a dog or put a dog down? If so why?

What kind of food you thing use for a puppy and adult dog? Specify brand

Does anyone in your household have any known allergies to animals?

Who will have primary responsibility for the care of this puppy? Is your
spouse or partner agreeable to having Bull Terrier in the house?

Do you plan on taking your puppy to Puppy School, or Puppy Kindergarten, Or Obedience School?

Are you interested in doing agility and/or obedience with your dog?
You prefer male or female?

Do you have a way to send updated pictures and information on the progress of a puppy over the internet? (Digital camera or picture phone, email or web site)

Are you willing to be in regular contact with NoneTaboo, if chosen for a puppy?

Are you aware that a bull terrier can not be let outside without a fenced yard or without leash?

Any puppy are sold like a pet and the pup are spay/neuter before leave for new house, do you agree with this?

Are you aware that Bull terrier are high energy dogs that require constant supervision and training?

Why did you choose the bull Terrier?

Do you have any BREED SPECIFIC laws where you live?

*If your application is approved, your name will be added to our list. Deposit are required for the reservation

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